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Episode Show Notes


What a year it’s been – maybe we’ve not been afforded the chance to reach the soaring highs we’d hoped yet, but 2021 is just the beginning of a journey…


We do like to switch things up on The Salonology Show, so this week we’re kicking off a two-part special on goals, strategies, and mapping out a path to success for the year ahead!


Join us for a festive foray into why you shouldn’t just write off 2021 and start afresh, how to define the kind of goals to set in 2022, and how we’ll start turning ambitious goals into tangible plans.


This episode of The Salonology Show covers:

  • Reflecting on the past year and taking positives rather than writing it off
  • Putting 2021 into perspective and focusing on the optimistic bigger picture
  • Setting meaningful goals in various areas of your life, beyond financial and material gains
  • How we’ll turn goals into plans in part 2 of this seasonal special


If you’re listening between Christmas and New Year and want to set your goals with us, we’re hosting a special webinar on Thursday 30th December to take this even further!


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Episode Highlights

“You shouldn’t write anything off. Ultimately, whilst it has been a challenging time, it’s also been packed with lessons and experiences. I’ve seen so many people come out of the last 18 to 21 months and say, ‘I’ve got more clarity about what I want in my life’.” – 6:50 – Hollie Power


“What we focus on, we create more of. So it’s just so self-defeating focusing on all the stuff that’s going wrong all the time anyway. That’s one of the main reasons and one of the core focuses behind why we always try to put a positive spin on everything.” – 8:05 – Ryan Power


“Scroll through your photos from the 1st of January, one at a time, and note how you felt. There’s all these different events that we go through, and we discount them sometimes just to focus on the negatives. But actually, when you go through your phone, it’s going to trigger some things that make you feel good.” – 9:45 – Hollie Power


“I think for most people, it’d be fair to say that it hasn’t been quite the ride that had been anticipated. However, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t still been a positive year. That doesn’t mean it hasn’t been a good year. That doesn’t mean you haven’t still moved forward.” – 13:00 – Ryan Power


“Business goals and financial goals are important, but so are health goals, spiritual goals and travel goals. Maybe you want to learn Spanish or play a musical instrument for personal development goals, right? There’s no end to the number of goals that you could in theory set. The reason I mention that is because for some people, money is not the most important thing.” – 18:00 – Ryan Power


“What you tend to do is write down big, materialistic goals first. They’re brilliant, but ultimately having a Louis Vuitton handbag over your shoulder, you’ll enjoy walking around with it but it’s not going to change your fundamental level of happiness. That comes from something a little bit more spiritual, a little bit deeper, so you need to start identifying those things as well.” – 20:30 – Hollie Power


“Set approach-oriented goals rather than avoidance-oriented ones. Rather than restricting yourself and focusing on the thing that you can’t have, you’re instead focusing on the more positive outcome or the alternative instead. At a subconscious level, that’s an easier pill to swallow.” – 23:00 – Ryan Power