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Show Notes


From sharing lash tips with his massive Instagram following, to leading the marketing arm of the family business, LashBase, Jamie Butler is a force to be reckoned with on social media – and our next special guest on The Salonology Show! 


From starting the first LashBase social page to providing content and growing the brand on a global stage as Head of Marketing, Jamie has learned all the trade secrets of how to make your mark on the web, and more importantly converting clicks to clients


Whether you’re a solo salon owner or a massive team, you won’t want to miss this!

This episode of The Salonology Show covers:

  • Making your products for the right reasons
  • The pros and cons of a family business
  • Dealing with the consistent stress of business ownership
  • Handling unexpected hurdles
  • The power and the limitations of social media engagement


Episode Highlights


“My mum just had raised kids, then wanted a hobby and found her passion. The money wasn’t important, but treating people correctly and doing it for the love of it ended up being the recipe for success rather than focusing on any of the money. So now here we are 11 years on…” Jamie Butler – 10:17

“I was determined to get as many followers as possible, determined to grow as fast as possible; what can we do that will be the “get rich quick scheme” as if you believe they exist. Now it’s been seven years or so and you realize it’s just doing the little things right consistently, showing up every day.” Jamie Butler – 15:40

“I do think a lot of people in our community get very overwhelmed by things going wrong. They think it defines them as a business person, it defines their success, it defines where they’re going to go next. And I think it’s comforting to hear from somebody who has a level of success – if you read any entrepreneur’s book, it’s never smooth sailing.” Hollie Power – 19:33

“When you analyze the people that are successful, it’s that they understand that things don’t happen overnight, they have unapologetically been themselves, and that’s what separates people.” Jamie Butler – 23:33

“For me, the number one way to get new business is word of mouth referrals when it comes to the businesses that we’re in. So if you’re looking after your clients that you already have, and creating an amazing experience for them, they feel special, they enjoy it, they like coming back. 100% they’ll provide you with more referrals than any social media posts that you’re going to do.” Jamie Butler – 27:12

“If you aren’t frequently letting people know who you are and little bits about you, then when someone lands on your post, if your last nine posts just happen to be pictures of befores and afters or lashes, straight away they’re not going to have a sense of who you are.” Jamie Butler – 31:58

“If you’re a local lash artist, local beauty therapist or a local salon and you really want to try and get some people through your doors, then it’s not necessarily important to have 50,000 followers, because that’s not 50,000 people coming through your doors.” Jamie Butler – 35:44

“If you’re fully booked then that’s great, you’re obviously doing something right anyway. But if you wanted more, I would go to the extremes of dropping a client in favor of having a dedicated time in your diary to do social media engagement.” Jamie Butler – 39:38



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