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If you’re not offering online options for booking in this day and age, you’re doing yourself and your clients a disservice!


It can be intimidating stepping away from the tried and true booking systems we’re used to, where our holy trinity is phone, pen, and paper. But why take one booking in 15 minutes when you could have 50 in an hour?!


We take a look at the pros and cons (spoiler alert: there aren’t any…) of online booking systems, as well as shifting our shopping habits away from Jeff Bezos’ gargantuan pockets, and how a pregnancy in your workforce could actually WIN you new clients!


This episode of The Salonology Show covers:

  • How online booking software saves time and makes money
  • Taking the step away from pen-and-paper bookings
  • Celebrating your staff’s pregnancies
  • Understanding client preferences
  • Shopping local and avoiding Amazon
  • Combatting Amazon by nurturing client relationships


This episode of The Salonology Show is sponsored by Timely.

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Episode Highlights 


“One of my team members was outstandingly good at pregnancy massage, and during her own pregnancy she was more than happy to do it. She felt energized, she had a particularly buoyant and healthy pregnancy. And actually, you found that clients liked coming to her during their pregnancy, because she understood exactly how they felt.” – 10:08 – Hollie Power


“The reason why online booking software is something that we talk about so much is because it absolutely works 100% in alignment with what we teach; it makes more money, and lets people step away from the business.” – 14:48 – Hollie Power


“Let’s just think about logistics here, right? You’ve got 50 people who, off the back of an email in an hour, want to put that treatment in. They can’t get through on the phone, because somebody is on there booking already.” – 22:15 – Hollie Power


“One of the things I always think is that as long as you don’t offer the opportunity for clients to book online and let the decision be theirs – not yours – then you’re doing them a disservice, aren’t you?” – 25:51 – Ryan Power


“Everyone just blindly goes now ‘I will just get it from Amazon’, because they do such a good job. Why wouldn’t I want it delivered the next day by Amazon? I’ll tell you why: Everyone doing that over and over again is destroying the high street, destroying local businesses up and down the country, businesses owned by people like you and me.” – 35:53 – Ryan Power


“Jeff Bezos does not need your money. $321 million a day, he’s made this year – he doesn’t need your money. Don’t buy him another plane! Instead, shop local, where the money goes towards buying a school uniform, food for the week, or maybe keeping a small business afloat!” – 38:00 – Ryan Power


“You’re never going to compete with Amazon on price, or lots of other companies. But you’ve got the relationship. That’s the difference, so you need to tap into those relationships.” – 41:14 – Ryan Power