How To Schedule Facebook Posts 2018

August 30, 2018 Ryan
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Facebook has a habit of changing things without warning anyone.   Well, maybe they warn someone but I never seem to get the memo!

One of the recent ‘improvements’ – as they would no doubt dub it – revolves around the scheduling of posts.

Now scheduling posts in Facebook is one of the best time savers known to anyone with a social media account.

Facebook is incredibly good at distracting you by showing you stuff which you’ve already told them you like.  Therefore when they show you more of that you’ve got to be disciplined or before you know it you’ve wasted 30 minutes on nothing remotely productive.

For that reason you don’t want to be constantly logging in to post updates.

However, with the huge reduction in organic reach you need to post regularly to ensure your audience see your posts.

The solution?

Schedule your posts in advance!

Now whilst you can use third party apps such as Buffer or Hootsuite it’s widely accepted that doing so will actually harm your reach.  Facebook know you’ve used a platform other than theirs and they don’t appreciate that.

So you’re much better off scheduling them within Facebook directly.

Mercifully they make this very simple.

Here are two ways to schedule Facebook posts for 2018.

Happy scheduling!

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