Why I’m Leaving Twitter

December 11, 2017 Hollie Power
Why I’m Leaving Twitter thumbnail

3,615 tweets later and I’m leaving Twitter.

I can’t say that I’m especially saddened to see the back of the UK’s second most popular social media network (marginally ahead of Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat but still way behind Facebook).

Social media has become a bit of a drag I’ve found.

The constant notifications on your phone.

The need to be online 24/7/365.

People expecting replies immediately with no regard to whatever else you might be doing at the time.

And for what?

Well, in the case of my Twitter account, very little indeed.

Barely any enquiries or sales.

Maybe some recognition and ‘getting my name out there’.

To be honest it’s no longer worth the investment of my time.

The hours put in to schedule tweets, find and follow new people, respond to messages, retweet others… it’s so draining.

Well, not any more!

My account has now officially been deactivated.

There will probably be more accounts axed too over the coming weeks and months.

It’s rather liberating, actually.    

I somehow already feel more free with one less app constantly beeping at me.

You should try it.

Are your social media accounts paying for themselves in terms of enquiries into your business?

Or do you have them because you thought that you should?

Maybe it’s time to do your own spring cleaning.

PS.   I’m still planning on being very active on Facebook.  If you’ve not joined my Facebook community yet then just click here.