(VIDEO) What To Post On Facebook

January 29, 2015 Hollie Power
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Ever wondered what to post on Facebook?

Probably, as people ask me a LOT! But help is at hand as we as beauty professionals have all sorts of exciting things that we can post about.

In today’s two minute video blog I explore some ideas to help your creative juices flow!

Let me know any of your own ideas in the comments section below.

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Can’t watch the video right now?   No time?   Here is a summary of some of the good stuff from the video…

Today we’re going to talking about Facebook.

Your page is the perfect place to pick up some extra business as long as you communicate regularly with your clients.

However it’s not unusual for beauty professionals to ask me, “what should I post”?

Well, we’re lucky enough to work in the business of making people look and feel good and this gives us the advantage of giving us heaps of things to post about.   Here are a few ideas:

– take photos of treatments

– before and after shots of tans, nails, non-surgical facelifts, weight loss programs – make sure you get permission first though!

– sharing blogs; both yours and other people’s

– photos of your premises, treatment rooms, people enjoying themselves, new products

– run competitions to encourage engagement with your posts

– use more video!  Treatment rooms, premises and how-to videos all work very well

– testimonials – written or video – let people know how good you are!

– coming soon campaigns to build anticipation

– links to your website so people can find out more on a specific topic if they wish

– staff profiles and include photos!

Now, get posting!”