What We Can Learn From Kim Kardashian and Bette Midler

If you’ve not seen the hype recently, Google it.

Kim Kardashian posted a naked selfie and Bette Midler responded with a tongue in cheek comment.

Since then, Hollywood’s who’s who have all jumped on the bandwagon to say their piece about whether a naked selfie is an expression of confidence by a woman or a vulgar display of attention seeking.

What’s this got to do with running a beauty business?  Absolutely nothing, I’m just fascinated by the Kardashians. #justkidding

It’s actually quite relevant.

Social media is a hive for businesses now – I’ve talked in depth about the opportunities which lie within social media for businesses like ours – it can be an amazing place to scoop up new clients, share reviews, images and so much more.

But there is a darker side to social media.  It exposes us and leaves us vulnerable and sometimes – this is enough to send us running to the Hollywood Hills.

The thing is, with the likes of Facebook and Twitter, it’s totally, 100%, public.

OK, so you can block someone, but realistically, in business terms, if you are posting and tweeting and instagramming – what you put on display is pretty much accessible to anyone in the world.

And they can be nice and they can be nasty.

The reason I mention this, is I believe it’s all about how you handle yourself on line.  An image of a perfectly polished pair of feet or a review written by a happy customer has huge value on line – but what and how you post can have an even bigger impact on your response.

You most likely saw the story fairly recently about a woman who, following the Paris attacks, wrote on Facebook she would no longer allow Islamic guests into her business.

Whilst she has since proven she can legally say this (apparently) I’m pretty sure she no longer has a business to speak of.

I wouldn’t visit her – would you?

This is an extreme situation of course – but conducting yourself online is an important manner in today’s market place – and it will help people make a decision as to whether or not they choose to use your services.

Make sure your personal and business accounts are separate.  Use Facebook Pages for your business if you aren’t already and don’t have all of your customers on your personal page.

Keep it professional at all times too.  A business Facebook page represents your brand and your business.  

It shouldn’t talk about very personal opinions, politics, or anything offensive.

Post the drunken selfies on your personal pages (another reason to keep it all separate – no one wants to see a 4am selfie of someone who is doing their nails the next day).

Check your spelling!  We all do it occasionally – the odd error here and there.  Read through everything and anything before you post and ensure it reads well.

Kim and Bette seem to have taken the feud down a notch now and have scored a bit of Twitter peace – but there will always be someone out there who may not like the attitude you portray in your posts.  And that’s ok.  We don’t all have to love what everyone else does.

If you get a negative comment, respond with respect, professionalism and dignity – it will speak volumes about your business.

And if you love a naked selfie like Kim – keep that on your personal page too…

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