The Power Of Email

Are you doing enough to harness the power of email (excuse the pun)? Just imagine for a moment if there was a method of communication which allowed you to… – contact all of your clients and prospects, past and present, with a personalised message – have no limit to the number of characters you could […]

The Power Of Email Marketing

Email marketing a powerful string to your marketing bow that so few take proper advantage of – yet really should – as it can make a HUGE difference to your business. I’ve explored how to communicate to clients using blogs and Facebook, but email marketing is just as important, if not more so.  Put it like this… imagine you’ve just […]

How Often Should I Email My Clients?

One of the questions I get asked most often is, “how often should I email my clients?” And it’s not only a very good question but one which often causes some degree of confusion. How often do you send emails to your clients? How often is too regularly? One per month? One per week? Once per […]