Why I Trust In Youth – And You Should Too

If you’ve ever had to recruit new members of staff, even holiday cover or Saturday staff, you’ll know that it’s not easy. Good staff members are, quite simply, difficult to find – and it seems to be getting harder, too. I remember when an advert going live would lead to piles of CVs arriving in […]

How To Recruit Salon Staff

If you’ve aspirations on growing your business then at some point you’re going to need to recruit some staff. It’s a milestone for any business, but can be scary too.   It’s a topic lots of people fear and avoid but if you do that then you’ll never get your business where you want it […]

How To Write The Perfect Recruitment Advert

With the new year approaching, it’s time to revisit some ‘how to’ recruitment ideas. I know I’m searching for a couple of new gems for January – and so my recruitment process has already started churning, because I want the best pick of the crop! So, today, I want to talk a bit about how […]

The ‘No B*tch’ Recruitment Policy In My Spa

I run a strict ‘no b*tch’ recruitment policy in my day spa.   And by strict I mean absolutely no exceptions. Yes, I said it.  No b*tches are allowed to work for me.  This has raised a few eyebrows from people – and I’m sure its shocked the odd potential team member or client – […]

How To Find The Best Staff For Your Salon Or Spa

In every business, in every country, staff can be a nasty nightmare or a a divine dream come true. One will send your business into a downward spiral quicker than Kim Kardashian’s first marriage, and the latter which will catapult your business to stardom like a judge role on X factor. So, how to we […]