The Power Of Email

Are you doing enough to harness the power of email (excuse the pun)? Just imagine for a moment if there was a method of communication which allowed you to… – contact all of your clients and prospects, past and present, with a personalised message – have no limit to the number of characters you could […]

Collaboration Is The Key

“I’ll get by with a little help from my friends,” sang The Beatles – and they made a great point! Like minded people around us can be a massive influence on our success levels – which is why I want to express the importance of collaboration. Collaboration essentially means working with others to create or produce something together […]

Why Don’t Others Always Support Me?

It’s a sad, sad fact that many people in life don’t want others to do well. I see it every day.  I experience it every day! Some of the people surrounding us take more comfort in us staying still – or moving backwards – than moving forward. My best friends know my obsession for my […]

Why We Don’t Celebrate Wins Enough

We should celebrate wins more.   All of us. And given that it’s that time of year when most of us need less of an excuse to pop a cork and open another tube of Pringles, it seemed like the perfect moment to get something off my chest. Look, I get it. Stiff upper lips […]

Finding The Perfect Location For Your Beauty Business

If you’ve been reading my ‘get set and go’ guide to launching your own business over the last few weeks, you’ll be pleased to know that we can now move on to the fun stuff… Previously, I’ve written about business plans (read that again here) and securing finance (read that one here), so now it’s […]

What Should I Post On Facebook? Some Tips To Overcome Creative Block

What Should I Post On Facebook

Social media is fun, sure, but it’s also an important way to communicate and engage with your target audience. A question I’m asked all the time is “what should I post on Facebook?” Good question. As with all marketing you should start with the end result in mind.   That is, what are you trying to […]

What’s Your Relationship Status?

Our relationship status sits upon our Facebook profile for all our friends to see  – even the ‘it’s complicated’ option categorises what’s going on in our personal life. But what about outside of our personal life?  What about our business life?  What is YOUR relationship status with your CLIENTS? I have asked this question to […]