The Most Important Blog Post I’ve Ever Written

This could be the most important blog post I’ve ever written. Certainly the most important in the last 6 months or so. You see this blog could change your life. Yes, I realise that’s a huge claim but let me take a moment to explain. When I talk to other beauty business owners, they almost always […]

The Power Of Email

Are you doing enough to harness the power of email (excuse the pun)? Just imagine for a moment if there was a method of communication which allowed you to… – contact all of your clients and prospects, past and present, with a personalised message – have no limit to the number of characters you could […]

Why I Trust In Youth – And You Should Too

If you’ve ever had to recruit new members of staff, even holiday cover or Saturday staff, you’ll know that it’s not easy. Good staff members are, quite simply, difficult to find – and it seems to be getting harder, too. I remember when an advert going live would lead to piles of CVs arriving in […]

What We Can Learn From Kim Kardashian and Bette Midler

If you’ve not seen the hype recently, Google it. Kim Kardashian posted a naked selfie and Bette Midler responded with a tongue in cheek comment. Since then, Hollywood’s who’s who have all jumped on the bandwagon to say their piece about whether a naked selfie is an expression of confidence by a woman or a […]

Considering What Your Clients Want

There is a point to this I promise, so do stick with me…! So, I was in the bathroom at the gym and I realised something. It’s very easy to forget what your clients want when they don’t have the same interests as you. My gym is owned by a man, and he only has […]

For When You Want To Just Hide Under The Duvet

We all have those days where it’s all too much. Where we feel if we hide under the duvet, it will all go away. I feel like that sometimes and you probably do too.  In fact, most people who have their own businesses do. Because it’s OVERWHELMING! The thing is, you’re doing something special when […]

Spring Clean For Your Beauty Business

It’s now officially Spring time – the time to spring clean your business. Keeping things fresh and new is imperative in keeping your clients interested in what’s happening in your business. I like to take a leaf out of the High Street fashion retailers.  Every Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter, they release a new collection – and it always gets […]

Why I’m The Weirdo In Waterstones

Yes, I admit it. I am the weirdo that lurks around Waterstones for hours. For me, shopping isn’t only about stroking the fabric of a dress, or trying on shoes (even though I am a Jimmy Choo addict) but actually about wandering round the packed shelves of my local Waterstones – and yes, I do […]

Getting Balance In Your Business – And Maintaining Your Sanity!

Running a business can be stressful and the addition of bills, rent, staff wages and such can be a knee trembler. It can affect how we think, and we tend to throw ourselves right into the business and try and fix things, when sometimes its more productive to step away and take a look from the […]

Stop Being Scared Of Sales! My Top 8 Tips To Selling More

Sales is something we shy away from and are so often scared of, but it’s something we should embrace and enjoy, because a good sales strategy can double your income, increase your profits and help you build relationships with your clients. It’s easy to feel a little nervous about sales, but understanding sales can really boost […]

It’s All About The Choices You Make

Beep!  Beep!  Beep!  Goes your alarm. You’ve been having an awesome dream that involves Channing Tatum and and you’ve been dragged back to reality by the relentless buzz of your phone’s ‘wake me up’ app. You have two choices… 1. Press snooze, snuggle under the covers and think of Magic Mike 2. Get out of […]

It’s A (Marketing) Jungle Out There!

Having a business can be the most amazing and exciting career move ever – but it can also be very stressful! Not only are we company owners, proprietors or directors; we are also therapists, managers, cleaners, accountants, customer service agents and marketers. The thing with beauty and hair is they are ‘hands on’ businesses.  We […]