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We know running a salon can be a beautiful thing – when everything falls into place. But, like any business, running a salon can be challenging.

Our job is to make the process easier, more fulfilling, more results driven and more fun.

We launched Gold Club in 2018 as a safe space for salon owners. Giving them exclusive access to courses, tools and education that helps them to achieve their biggest salon dreams and goals.

You’ll not find anything even close to our special space just for salon owners. Filled with courses and programs to teach you whatever you need to know, to live trainings to inspire every months, to a family vibe community there to support you every day, this is the place to be.

Salonology Gold Club

By joining our Gold Club community, you are committing to levelling up in your business.

Gold Club is the only place that offers the unique blend of coaching, education, community and support that we have so lovingly created – all from our own experience as salon owners.

Join over 400 other salon owners who have taken little steps for huge results by joining our Gold Club… we even have our own annual members’ Summit!

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