Why Your Facebook Personal Profile Might Unlock Everything For Your Salon

Salon mentor Ryan Power

If you’re anything like the average business owner then there’s every chance your Facebook business page has died a slow and painful death over recent times.

The days of being able to throw a post up and have it seen by half of your audience have long since evaporated.


You’ll be lucky if 5% of your audience see your posts with the average being a measly 0.25 – 0.5% – that’s a pathetic 2.5 to 5 people for every 1000 in your audience.   It’s hardly surprising that people aren’t exactly flocking to use this element of the platform as they once did.

One of the reasons for this is that the platform want you to purchase advertising space.  Hardly surprising, really, given they are a for-profit company just like everyone else – and of course all of the platforms are slowly going this way too.

But there is some good news, too.

There’s another way that you can approach social media – and it won’t be so painful on your pockets, either.

Behold, the much underused Facebook personal profile.

Now, lemme be real clear about something straight out of the gate.  There’s a right way and a wrong way to do this.

The right way can have you positioned as an expert in your area and have people reaching out to work with you…

The wrong way can see your account being shut down overnight.

So, yeah, you want to make sure this is done correctly.

It’s 2024 and we’re still firmly routed in the age of the celebrity.

The Kardashians still dominate headlines (and rich lists), television shows feature people famous for being famous and celebrity chefs command crazy prices to eat in their restaurants.

The world is still very much celebrity obsessed.

This is great news for the celebrities, of course.  Many have carved out hugely successful personal brands such as Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Leonardo Di Caprio and seemingly the entirety of the aforementioned Kardashian clan.

It’s also great news for the businesses which hitch their wagons to said celebs with their expensive endorsements often paying themselves back many times over.

So what does all of this have to do with salons… and what does it have to do with you as as humble local business owner?

Whilst you might not be invited to open up the local Aldi anytime soon, you’re most likely already regarded as a minor celebrity of sorts in your town or city.


That is, to your clients.

I mean, they’d wave and say hello if you bumped into them on a night out or on a Sunday afternoon in Homebase, right?

There’s money to made in leveraging this to help promote your business… even at the most minor of scales.

You see I’ve long been waving the banner for people buying people.  I wrote about it in both of my books and I truly believe that many salons are making a huge mistake in hiding behind their logos.   People want to know about the person behind the brand.  They want to see behind the curtain.

In fact, now more so than ever.

One of the best way to do this?

Harnessing the power of your personal Facebook profile.

Now, I know what you might be thinking…

But Ryan, I don’t want my clients seeing all of my personal information, pictures of me on nights out and family photos of my children!

Or maybe even…

But Ryan, I thought you can’t use a personal profile for commercial use!

I hear you, and I’ve good news.

What most people don’t realise is that with a few tweaks to how you set up your profile you can choose who in your audience see what posts.

Meaning you can keep truly personal stuff just for your “real life” friends and your work related stuff just for your clients and potential clients.

Neat, huh?

Not only that but with the introduction of professional profiles in 2022 you can now promote yourself and your business interests in a way that you’ve not been able to before…

If – and only if – you set your account up in a very specific way.

The benefits just keep on coming, too.

Not only can harnessing your personal profile position you as the go-to expert in your locale, but there are numerous other benefits, too.

Improved engagement and reach probably being the most noteworthy.

On some of my posts I can enjoy a reach of up to 50% of my audience.

That’s 100 times more than a well-performing page can expect… and 1000 times more than many are getting.

All for free, too.

Not to be sniffed at.

So if you’d like to be positioned as the expert for what you do (and charge accordingly, of course, as well as have others actively seek you out) and help to grow your business at the same time – then you’ll want to check out the recording of the recent workshop I ran on this very topic.

It’s called;

How To Use Your Personal Facebook™ Profile To Get Paying Clients On Autopilot (Without Wasting All Day On Social Media And Still Keeping Your Personal Stuff Personal)

You can check out some of the feedback, below.

It’s included as a part of our Gold Club and Hub Only memberships… which you can read more about here.

You can grab a copy of Ryan’s latest book, The Successful Salon Marketing System here.

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