How To Recruit Salon Staff

If you’ve aspirations on growing your business then at some point you’re going to need to recruit some staff.

It’s a milestone for any business, but can be scary too.   It’s a topic lots of people fear and avoid but if you do that then you’ll never get your business where you want it to be.

Recruiting someone is so much more than just checking their qualifications. Your employees need to be as passionate as you about your business and care about your salon. A good team member can catapult you to success or be the cause of your downfall – so how do we find the perfect team member?

Taking anyone on is always a gamble, but we can certainly minimise the risk by following these simple steps.

Take your time

Recruitment is a process that shouldn’t be rushed.  If you leave it to the last minute, you may panic and find you employ someone who isn’t right for the job – just so you have someone in the role!

Give yourself plenty of time to find them.  They may have notice periods to work out before they can join you.

Also, you may need to choose between a few people, you may want to hold a second interview before you make a decision or it may just take time for the right person to apply.

Be honest in your adverts

When you place an advert out there, be honest.

Be upfront about the job role, including hours, work conditions, employment type, the days they will be working etc. Talk about your business ethos and help the candidate understand what type of nail salon are you trying to create.  Is it high end and luxury or is it simple and functional?

how to recruit salon staff

Highlight what qualifications and experience you need

Make sure you list the minimum qualifications that you’d expect from applicants as well as experience levels.

If you would only consider someone with five years experience, say it!  Whereas if you’d be happy to take on a freshly qualified technician so you can train them up your way, mention that attitude is more important than experience.

Be prepared

During the interview you need to be prepared with a good list of questions and a copy of their CV in front of you.

Write plenty of notes so you are able to easily look back over their details and remember them clearly.

Consider a second opinion

Different people look at others differently – so consider having a senior employee, fellow professional or friend sit in interview with you.  They can feed their opinion back after to help you make a decision – two heads are better than one!


Ask yourself the following:

* Can you see yourself working with this technician daily?

* Do they have the right attitude for your business?

* Will your clients like them?

* Were they relaxed and friendly or shy and withdrawn?

* Were they polite and professional?

* Did they dress appropriately?


After the interview, invite them back for a trade test and experience their skills first hand – keep notes on how they performed.

how to recruit salon staff 2

Decision time!

Take all notes and go over each candidate. Mark each applicant on the following:

* Did they perform the treatment well during their trade test?

* Did they act appropriately during interview?

* Would my clients like them?

* Are they qualified and experienced to my required level?

If they meet all these points, then you’ve likely found yourself a great new team member.

There is, of course, always an element of ‘gut instinct’ in employment. Following your intuition when recruiting is important – this is your business and taking a team member on is a big deal!

Good luck with your search!

This post was adapted from an earlier article I wrote for the UK’s number one nail magazine, Scratch.  You can read the original here if you wish.

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