Salonology Unveil New Free Facebook Community

August 1, 2023 Ryan
Salonology Unveil New Free Facebook Community thumbnail

After more than eight years of serving salon owners worldwide via our Salonology Superstars Facebook group, the time has come to move to pastures new.

Not that we’ve gone far, by the way, just to a brand spanking new group.

So, why the move?

There have been a few reasons why we’ve had to make the decision to move our free community.

Firstly, Facebook were simply not playing ball anymore with our original community.   Posts weren’t being seen by anyone, the engagement and reach subsequently fell flat on its face and it made the entire set up commercially unviable moving forward.

There was another reason, too.

Over the eight years that we ran the group we’d amassed a large following; almost six thousand salon owners in fact.

However this meant that the group became more and more diluted and meant that those who actually wanted the help couldn’t get it.

So, what’s the focus for the new group?

Whilst our original group didn’t really have a specific focus outside of being a community for salon owners, this time we wanted to ensure we were helping those who actually wanted our help.

What we help salon owners with specifically is growing their business.  That might mean growing a team, growing revenues or growing profits.

We also help salon owners with finding their freedom.  That might mean a reduction in hours, not working weekends or simply never missing a school sports day again.

With this in mind, our new group is now live.

It’s called;

Grow, Get Free and Flourish!  The Salon Owner Community From Salonology

It’s live right now, so if you’re a salon owner who wants something different out of your business from what you’re getting right now, why not come and join us?

Just make sure you answer the simple questions on the way in.

See you over there.


Our brand new Facebook Community; Grow, Get Free and Flourish!