How To Turn A Treatment Room From Drab To Fab

Whether it’s a revamp of an existing room or a brand new venture – in your home or on a high street – creating the right treatment environment is one of the most important things you can do for your guests.

Stepping into a treatment room is a suspension of reality for your client – a chance for them to forget the world for that small slice of time – and it is vital that you create a haven of wonder for them to enjoy.

Spending money on beauty is a real treat for most people and they want to believe that, for that moment, when they are with you – nothing else matters.  They don’t want to see cleaning products, functional equipment or hear the technicalities of what’s happening – they just want to relllaaaaxxxxx….

So how do you do this without breaking the bank?  Here are my top six tips to creating the perfect treatment environment

1. Colours

The colours you choose will impact hugely on the ‘feel’ of the room. Keep the room neutral and calm – select colours that create soft lines and a warm feeling.

Avoid anything too bright, too aggressive, too contrasting. Creams, browns, soft whites, fawns, taupes all create a lovely feel and look classy and high end.

Head to your local DIY superstore and grab some samples. Don’t be afraid to have a feature wall – as long as its soft – and try different tones with different hues.

2. Images

Many of my treatments rooms are adorned with huge images of peaceful settings  – locations that our clients would love to be whisked off to – and when they walk in our rooms, they almost feel like they are somewhere else.

In our pedicure room, we have a huge image of a Balinese beach setting at sunset – and we get constant comments on it… Such a simple addition to the rooms turned them from four plain walls to a real experience.

A little piece of Bali
A little piece of Bali

3. Smells

One of the most common comments I get in my spa is ‘Oh wow! It smells lovely down here!’  It’s a combination of products, chocolate, tan (!) and carefully selected scents.

Reed diffusers, plugs ins, candles, whatever your preference – select a gorgeous smell that’s not too overpowering! It will help your clients float away to a planet of relaxation…

4. Lighting

Soft lighting, dimmable lights, low watt lamps.  Choose attractive light fittings that fit in with the theme of your room – and interesting lamps can cause interesting lighting, giving a new feel to a simple treatment area.

They needn’t be expensive either; check out Amazon, eBay or IKEA for lots of ideas!

5. Heating

Its time to be selfless and remember that clients need warm surroundings to make them comfortable. There’s nothing worse than feeling cold throughout a treatment!

Heated blankets are a great addition as they will keep the beds warm, but wont heat the room, making it more comfortable for your clients.

6. Finishing touches

Those little touches will make all the difference when inviting guests into your haven of relaxation – flowers, towels folded nicely, products neatly stacked, a clean room, soft lighting, nice smells and a relaxing soundtrack.

Making small tweaks will enhance any guest experience and will create the perfect environment for the perfect treatment.

And the best part is that they needn’t cost the earth either.   You’ll be amazed how far your pennies can stretch with a little imagination!

I’d love to hear your ideas so feel free to add them to the comments below – I’d love to see some pictures too!

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