How To Write The Perfect Recruitment Advert

With the new year approaching, it’s time to revisit some ‘how to’ recruitment ideas. I know I’m searching for a couple of new gems for January – and so my recruitment process has already started churning, because I want the best pick of the crop!

So, today, I want to talk a bit about how to write your recruitment advert. It seems simple enough to do, until you sit in front of a blank word document and have to start to type.

A good recruitment advert has to be so many things – factual, appealing, honest, upfront, interesting… the list goes on. But the most important thing it can do is generate the right applications.

So here is the anatomy of a perfect beauty recruitment advert…

First, list the basics

·         Job title
·         Hours
·         Location

The Introduction

This is where you tell them about who you are. What’s your business all about – are you a high end spa? Are you a buzzing tanning salon? Are you a new business?

This is your slice of time to sell yourself and get them interested enough to read on. Talk about the working environment, the team, the drive behind the business, the clients, your business ethic. It needs to appeal and stand out – and hit the right spot with the right people.

You can summarise your environment in a nutshell if you use concise and descriptive words, and simple statements about what your business stands for.


·         Be positive
·         Speak well of your brand
·         Keep it relevant
·         Mention growth
·         Mention awards


The perfect employee is out there and it's your job to find them
The perfect employee is out there and it’s your job to find them

The Position

Now it’s time for the job description. What will they be doing? What will be expected of them?  Mention individual treatments they will be doing, their tasks and duties. Will there be reception work? Will they manage or mentor other team members? Will they have cashing up responsibilities? What opportunities are there?

·         Make sure you cover all the facts – this is your time to detail exactly what’s involved so there are no surprises
·         Bullet point the details – they’ll find it easier to read
·         Re-iterate hours in this section

The Perfect Candidate

Now it’s time to talk about who you really want. This is the perfect time to cut out all of those unsuitable time wasting applicants – and source the good ones.

If you’ve written your intro right, and an opportunity with you is a great career move, they’ll be chomping at the bit to apply. However, many won’t be suitable so make your requirements clear – after all, these people can be potential employees of yours.

So, ensure you put down exactly what you need –
·         Qualifications
·         Attitude
·         Skill sets
·         Experience

I always use this opportunity to highlight my no b*tch policy (you can read more about that in this blog) – I’m not interested in hiring people and telling them to be nice – I want nice people.

·         Get to the point
·         List the most important requirements first (usually qualifications)
·         Be specific
·         Highlight areas where you are flexible

Once you’ve outlined the 3 main points – who you are are, what you’re offering and what you need – you can summarise. In a couple of lines sum up what you want – e.g. – “If you are looking for an exciting opportunity with great growth potential, and want to work hard and develop your career, we’d love to hear from you”.

To finish, simply tell them how to apply!

Good luck!

[This blog is a follow up to a previous blog on this topic, How To Find The Best Staff For Your Spa, which you might like to read here]


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