5 Ways To Get More Facebook Comments

June 30, 2017 Ryan
5 Ways To Get More Facebook Comments thumbnail

So it seems that everyone wants to get know how to get more Facebook comments.

And it’s not surprising, really.

Your exposure (or reach, as Facebook like to call it) increases massively when you get more comments on your Facebook posts.

  • Your post will be shown in the news feed of some of those who’ve commented, giving you exposure to a new audience
  • Studies have shown that a post which already has comments is likely to receive even more, thus creating a snowball effect
  • Facebook will promote posts with lots of activity above those without meaning even more of your own fans will see the post
  • It’s believed that subsequent posts will also see an added boost

So we’re all agreed then we’d all like to receive more comments on our posts then, thank you very much.

The question is, how do we go about this?

Here are my top five ways to encourage more Facebook comments.

  1. Ask more questions.   Seems like an obvious one this, but a great way illicit conversation is simply by asking questions.   However it’s worth pointing out here that they don’t always have to be work or industry related.   Heck, you can ask a question about last night’s Geordie Shore if you think that’s what your ideal clients are talking about!    Try to get into the conversations they are having and you’ll get a much better response than something vanilla.
  2. Try closed questions as well as open ones.  You might also find that a YES/NO or a TRUE/FALSE question might tempt in even the busiest of Facebooker.
  3. Fill in the blanks.   I guess that this is a twist on asking a question but I’ve often found this is a great way to get more responses.   It could be as simple as “My must have travel accessory is__________”
  4. Be timely with your posts.   You’ve probably noticed that Facebook have recently ripped off, I mean modelled, Twitter and display trending stories.   These are the topics and stories which most people are currently talking about.   That’s your cue to join in the debate.
  5. Be controversial.   So many people don’t want to offend anyone on their Facebook but the truth of the matter is that by dividing opinion you’ll get far more action than sitting on the fence.   You’ll get less splinters in your backside, too.

So there you go, do those things and you’ll garner even more Facebook comments.  *Does happy dance*

Here’s a little unadvertised bonus for you, too.

Always, always, always include a photograph with your post.

Every Facebook study *EVER* has shown you’ll get more reach and more comments by including a photograph along with your post.

You’ve probably got a smartphone.  Put it to good use.

Did you also know that if you’ve received a whole heap of likes on a post (one you’ve promoted or just a normal status update) that you can then move those people over to your page to increase your likes?

Here’s a really short video which shows you how.   You should probably take a couple minutes to give it a watch…

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