Why I Love Sending Emails

I bloody love email.

And why not?   It’s an opportunity to get right in front of someone and build a relationship with them.

There are other people’s lists which I’ve been on for years and I feel I know them like a friend… despite having never met them.

Hopefully my clients feel the same about my emails.

Because building a relationship with someone is a great way to nurture them toward being a client.

It’s not rocket science.

  • Give them a great reason to exchange their email address for something of perceived value
  • Send a series of emails to them to get to know each other a little better
  • Gently encourgage them when the time is right to give your services a whirl
  • Repeat

Almost seems too simple really, doesn’t it?

I’ve been using that formula for some time now in my day spa and it’s the number one way which I book up all of my girls’ diaries week in, week out.

I remember going to a marketing seminar around three years ago when I first heard the phrase “the money is in the list” and later “your database is your business’ greatest asset”.

I now agree with both of those statements.

I’ve managed to grow my own spa database to well over 8,000 targetted, and mostly local, ladies.

That’s powerful when I’ve seven diary columns to fill.

Few spaces available last minute?   One email and they’re filled.

Sounds simple, and that’s because it is.

I mean sure there are some fineries here and there but that’s the gist of it.

But that all said it never ceases to amaze me how many people still aren’t using email correctly, enough or in some cases at all.

It’s absolutely bonkers!

It’s practically free to do and is way more effective than virtually any other type of marketing you could imagine – including pay per click and Facebook in terms of return on your investment.

Of course, the secret sauce you need to ensure it all works is a decent autoresponder (that’s the software which actually sends all the emails).

I’ve gone through four different systems in my quest for the perfect one (SendGrid, Web Marketing Magic, Infusionsoft and now ConvertKit), but I’ve finally found one which does everything I want without breaking the bank.

I mean, I loved InfusionSoft but $250 per month is one heck of an investment.

I find ConvertKit does 90% of what InfusionSoft does but for about an eighth of the price!

Some of the features I love are

  • ability to organise my subscribers with tags so that I can send more personalised messages to the right people every time
  • easy integration with my website
  • auto responder sequences so I can write a series of emails once and use them over and over again
  • accurate and comprehensive statistics so I can see what’s working and what isn’t
  • A/B split testing as standard so I can test out subject lines (and automatically deliver 70% of emails to the best one)
  • simple to customise web forms
  • automations within the software which make your life so much simpler

Plus the whole system is so simple to use.  I’m no tech guru but I can get my head around the features easily.

And all for $29 per month!   Crazy value!

Just click here and you can request a free demonstration before looking forward to making more money with email.

You’ll have your monthly fee covered in no time with all the appointments you’ll be booking in!


Already using ConvertKit?  If so check out my complete video series on getting the most from it here.

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