CDC Accounting Are Attending Our Gold Club Members’ Summit For 2023

We’re excited to announce that CDC Accounting will be both supporting and attending our upcoming annual Salonology Gold Club Members’ Summit in Birmingham.

CDC Accounting founder Chris Cheeney works with over 60 salon owners across the UK, and has a unique approach, really understanding salon owners, mainly because he used to be one!

Chris has been able to combine his corporate background, and experience of running a salon, into approaching the finances of a salon in a very simple and unique way – giving salon owners peace of mind that he himself implemented systems and processes for them to follow – and to ensure they get the information they need to run their business in a timely manner, and of course with support along the way.

When it comes to salon accounting there isn’t much that Chris and his team haven’t seen or experienced along the way – making them a great fit for salon owners looking for support in this area.


Chris and his team offer a complete accounting service to salon owners, from bookkeeping and payroll services to help with VAT and end-of-year accounts.

Given their unique background and approach, Chris and his team also are able to offer advice of growth for salons, including areas they can identify for improvement based on helping dozens and dozens of other salon owners.

At the Gold Club Members’ Summit, Chris and his team will be on hand to chat with salon owners – not only that but they are also offering attendees a free guide as well as a free profit review – a chance to jump on the phone with their team to look at their accounts and offer suggestions of how they can help them to move forward.

Something definitely not to be missed by those in attendance, and something which could be worth tens of thousands of pounds in lost missed revenues over the years.

We’re so excited to be featuring CDC Accounting as one of our partners at our upcoming Salonology Gold Club Members’ Summit.

You can find out more about CDC Accounting here.


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