Finally An End To Your Client Attraction Nightmare?

July 20, 2023 Ryan
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For so many salon owners marketing is the area of their business which they enjoy the least.

They love what they do, they love dealing with their clients and they love how they make their clients look and feel.

But getting those clients through the door in the first place – or getting them coming back more frequently?

Yeah, not so much.

Marketing is often seen as complicated, difficult or something reserved for bigger businesses who can afford to outsource it.

It needn’t be that way.

Marketing is the lifeblood of your business.

Every business needs revenue coming in.  That is the oxygen for its very survival.  Those revenues are provided by your paying clients in exchange for your amazing services.

It’s marketing which brings you those clients.

This is why it’s my belief that marketing is the single most important skill for all business owners to learn.

Without a firm grasp on it then you’re relying on people simply finding you by chance.

Now that might have been good and well twenty years ago when everyone did all of their shopping on the High Street and a good location was all you needed to prosper.

Those days are long since gone and if you ask any of your clients then they are more likely today to say that they found out about you from a Google search or from one of the many social media platforms.

You have two choices;

(a) hope for the best and that enough people find you by their own devices

(b)put a system in place for your business so that you attract clients on autopilot whilst also ensuring they visit you more and more often, with greater frequency, and spending more money with you each time they visit

Which do you think sounds like the best plan of action?

If you said (b) then read on… if you said (a) then good luck with that, but why even risk it?

You might not know our story…

My wife Hollie and I owned a day spa and salon in Bournemouth for over a decade.

By the end it was a thriving, award winning business which delivered us on all of our hopes and dreams.  

It hit the sweet spot for any business owner; a business which delivered both healthy profits and granted us plenty of freedom.

salon mentor Hollie Power in our spa

Hollie in the day spa we owned for more than a decade

But it wasn’t all unicorns and rainbows.

Not by a long chalk.

We had times of “feast or famine”.

We had days where there was an overwhelming amount of white space.

We had periods where nothing seemed to work.

We had occasions when we didn’t know if we’d be able to pay our staff… or our mortgage.

Eventually, however, we cracked it.

Partly by fortune, largely by trial and error and with a large helping of glitter provided by Hollie’s imagination, we stumbled upon a system for filling all nine of our diary columns week in and week out.

This system allowed us to;

  • attract all the clients we needed for our business (and the right clients too, not time wasters or freebie seekers)
  • ensure these clients came back to us time and time again – each time spending more and more money as they returned
  • eventually transform these clients into evangelists for our business – raving cheerleaders who told all of their friends about us

And all of this was achieved without;

  • a ridiculous monthly advertising spend
  • an outsourced marketing team or agency
  • hours and hours of creating content or clever videos for social media
  • posting to social media every ten minutes

Sound good?

For less the price of a bottle of cheap and nasty pub wine you can have this entire system.

It’s ready to be tweaked, copied and deployed into your own business so that you can start filling out those appointment books with delirious mega-fans who greedily gobble up everything you put out.

Amazon don’t like to reward authors for their hard work so right now this is only available directly from me, Ryan, the author.

Grab your copy below… there’s even an audio version you can add to your order if you prefer to listen rather than read.

See you there, 






PS – This system was conservatively worth over £500,000 in additional sales for our salon business.  I’m not saying it’ll be worth that for you, as I don’t know your business, but I do know that if you take action on the ideas it’ll be worth a lot more than the pittance I’m charging.


Successful Salon Marketing System author Ryan Power

Grab your copy of the Successful Salon Marketing System today and look as smug as Ryan