Keeping Your Head Happy In Time of Crisis

March 20, 2020 Hollie Power
Keeping Your Head Happy In Time of Crisis thumbnail

A simple peep on Facebook right now can have us all melting down into our wax pots faster than two rounds of happy birthday whilst washing our hands.

This somewhat unexpected crisis has sucker punched us all.

As stories begin to circulate, rumours take hold and we all await the PM’s announcement, it’s easy to start to panic.

But, in the midst of this panic, whilst the world around us struggles to stay positive, we as salon owners, need to take this opportunity to up our game.

You see, this is how I look at it.

Right now, we all stand on the bank of a river – and we need to get across.  On the other side lies sunnier, happier days, busy diaries and booming businesses – because we absolutely will get past this, its absolutely temporary.

But, for now, we need to work out a way to get across the river, safely to the other side.

In order to get to the other side – there’s a few things we can do, and I’d love to share them with you.


To Stay Open Or Not?

I know most salons who are still operating, are asking this question.  With guidance to ‘social distance’ we query if it’s time to close the doors.

But with clients still keen to visit and keep us buoyant throughout this period; it’s hard to turn business away.

The honest answer here, is it must come from you, as the business owner.  As an industry, our hygiene standards are extremely high.  And with no solid instruction that we must close at this point, legally we can continue to trade.

If you feel it’s time to spin the sign from open to closed right now, you should.

But, likewise, if you feel confident in measures taken to protect your clients, your staff and yourself, keep operating until you hear otherwise.


Staying Upbeat

It’s important that we stay positive within this time.  We all know our role as therapists is beyond a shape of an eyebrow or a release of a knot.

We are also a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen.  Our clients need us to provide a positive place right now where they can come and escape the doom and gloom that surrounds us on social media.

Therefore, we need big smiles all round!

But how you may ask.

Well, it’s really all about how you look at the situation.  We know it isn’t ideal.  We know it will knock a few of us over.

But, it is temporary.

We see other countries coming through the other side – with a new sense of appreciation for the smaller things.

My main goal throughout this has been to teach others to see this as an opportunity.

All those tasks that you never ‘got round’ to doing in your business, can now be added to your to-do list.

Social media planning, books to read, a website revamp, a price increase, online training, skill refreshing.

If your diary is looking quieter, use the time to learn, grow, develop and protect your business.


Look To The Future

You may have seen the MEME circulation of overgrown eyebrows, grown out acrylics and 3-inch-long roots.

It’s funny because its true!

There will be many many clients who are hiding out right now but will be in desperate need of YOUR magic when things settle – and you need to be ready!

In fact, you’ll probably go from being relatively quiet, to turning business away!

As other salons and businesses give up through this time, you’ll be there, ready to serve their clients.

It’s your responsibility to your community and to the economy to come out the other side – fitter, stronger and ready.


The Pursuit Of Positivity

We don’t know what will happen from day to day – so we must take each day as it comes. I created a simple 6 step strategy to help you find the sunshine in each day.

CONTROL – in a situation we have little control over, lets identify how we are ‘in-control’ in our business and at home.

Feeling in control will help us to feel more stable in the situation.  Take steps to reach out to clients, make plans for what you want to achieve, create timetables to structure your days .

GRATITUDE – appreciate the small things and write them down.

SMILE – find happiness in your day.  Make contact with people that make you laugh and feel good, watch a Disney movie or something funny on the TV.

PRODUCTIVITY – try to accomplish something new everyday.  Whether it’s writing five business blogs or de-cluttering your wardrobe, being productive will make each day feel rewarding.

INSPIRATION – be inspired by the positive community sprit this crisis has created. Find something everyday that makes you feel inspired – a story or a quote for instance.

SELF LOVE – choose one thing you love about you today and acknowledge yourself.


Working Together

The most important thing we can do is work together.  As business owners, professionals, service-based workers, community members, contributors to the economy, friends, parents, children, siblings – even strangers – lets work together.

Together, we can all build a bridge to get us across the river, safely to the other side.


We have created a free Facebook group for salon owners during this time with daily challenges to help you stay strong and keep you focused – you can us join here.