Salonology Release Festive Guides For Free

Salon coaches Hollie Power and Ryan Power

This time, a year ago, our salons were about to close, again. 

It was hard.







We saw salon owners filled with woe; in a time they should be filled with cheer.

Christmas, and the lead up to it, has traditionally been one of the most lucrative times of our industry, when our salons are filled with that seasonal buzz we all love so much.

This year, our opportunities are different.

And whilst we know this year has been tough and challenging, we have our fingers crossed in anticipation of busy salons, more like the ones we used to know. 

We want YOU to have the best Christmas ever.

We want you to stand out from the crowd.

We want you securing business for 2022.

We want your tills overflowing. 

We want you to sit with your family on Christmas Day, happy and satisfied that you’ve had the most amazing Christmas season EVER.

And we can help you do it. 

For free.

No charge.

No nothing. 


Well, simply because we know it’s been tough and we know we can help.

Plus, with it being the season of good will, we feel this is something we can do to contribute to your success. 

We’ve been creating guides, courses and systems to help salons market themselves, sell more retail, stand out from the crowd and have their best month EVER on record, for more than seven years now. 

And we are giving you all of this, for free. 

It includes – 

  • 9 Festive Promotion Ideas for 2021 *NEW*
  • Hollie’s Voucher Magic Training
  • Hollie’s Retail Sourcing And Presentation Training
  • Hollie’s Masterplan
  • Retail Sales Training
  • Our Original Festive Guide – ‘6 Steps To A Sparkling Christmas’
  • Our Original ‘Your Best Christmas EVER’ Guide
  • MEMEs To Help Your Festive Promotions
  • Other Stuff That We Want To Be A Surprise! 
  • And it’s all yours. 

You can access it by clicking here… it’s included as a part of our Gold Club Free level.

Wishing the most successful of Christmases,


Hollie & Ryan  xx


PS  – You can watch our video announcement here on Facebook too…


When you’re ready you can access it by clicking here… remember it’s included as a part of our Gold Club Free level (along with a whole host of other cool stuff, too!)

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