The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year Is Almost Here

October 20, 2023 Ryan
The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year Is Almost Here thumbnail

The countdown is now well and truly on.

It won’t be long before you’ll be wandering around in your winter boots whistling Wham’s festive smash, Last Christmas.



But this isn’t about George… or, er, the other one.

It’s about why Christmas is such a wonderful time for salons all over the land.

You see when we still owned our day spa and salon we relished this time of the year.

Not just because clients and staff were typically in a better mood (isn’t everyone that time of year?) and not just because festive hits were on repeat 24/7… but those reasons too.

On top of all of that festive goodness Christmas was also a great time of the year because the salon would be BONKERS.

Good bonkers, too.

Clients climbing over one another to not only get booked in but also to secure spaces for the new year, snag one of our festive specials or to grab a unique and thoughtful gift for a friend.

Christmas was big business for us, and it can be for you and your salon too.

There are so many ways that you can make the very most of the festive madness… and use it to catapult your business into 2024, too.

Imagine the new year starting with your diaries bursting at the proverbial seams right through January, February and March.

It’s possible, I promise.

Way back when, we had a problem in our salon…

We’d be really busy in the lead up to Christmas with festive nails and tans hogging all the appointment availability.

But for January?

Yeah, not so busy.

So Hollie came up with an idea of an advert calendar of sorts, with a new festive special dropping each day… and only being available for just 24 hours.

The idea was a hit and each year we’d develop the idea further… until we had a solid gold formula which translated into masses of activity… and sales.

In 2016 we released our first festive guide for other salon owners… breaking down step-by-step exactly how we did it so that others could enjoy similar success.

We continued to release more guides over the years which each focussed on different ways that people could adapt the ideas to fit their business.

We’ve helped hundreds and hundreds of salon owners to tweak their own festive promotions as the years have passed.

This year we’ve put something together even more special…

This year you can grab every single guide we’ve ever released in one incredible bundle… and we’ve stacked the value higher than the pile of letters ol’ St. Nick has to trawl through every December.

If you’d like to really make the most of the yuletide madness this year then you should check it out.

Just click here to see what’s included.

Festive success is just a few clicks away.