What Is The Salon Source From Salonology?

January 26, 2023 Hollie Power
What Is The Salon Source From Salonology? thumbnail

Whilst you are familiar with our Salonology brand – after all, we’ve been working with salon owners now for almost a decade now – we’re about to welcome a new addition to the family.


The Source.

In 2022, one of our lovely salon owners put a plea for help into one of our private Facebook coaching group.

She shared that she’d just been to a beauty show with the intent to purchase a new piece of equipment.

But had come away more confused than before she arrived.


Why was this?

Because it was overwhelming.

On each and every stand she visited, she walked away with handfuls of brochures and flyers and information – but really no idea where to start.

Perhaps you’ve had a similar experience yourself?

That post has since inspired this WHOLE project.

It started with an idea of a simple guide to help people choose new brands for their salon business.

Then we figured maybe we could present brands too and highlight them to the salon owners who are actively looking for them.

And eventually we realised that this was an entirely new business.

And here we are.

When I had my spa, I knew how difficult it was to pick a new brand.

There are so many to choose from and each and every one offers a totally different proposition.

So, how do you find a new brand?

Well, it takes time.

Hours and hours of time.  Sitting down, going through websites, making calls, trying to assemble the information, filling out enquiry forms and more – just to get the basic info.

Then you need to work it all out, compare it and get your head around it.

It can be exhausting.

Until now, that is.

Because we have done the hard work for you.

Valuable, content driven guides that actually help you to make the right decisions – and a showcase of relevant brands to help you start your journey.

That’s what The Source is all about.

Finding the brands, sifting through the info and presenting it to you in a way that helps you to see what they offer, simply, quickly and concisely.

And even better, it won’t cost you a penny.

Not one.

It’s free for all salon owners to use, as and when they choose.

Amazing eh?

We’re excited for this to launch in Q1 of 2023… very, very soon!

You can read more about The Source, register for when the first edition drops and even enter our little prize draw by clicking here.

We’re excited, and we hope that you are too.

Finding salon suppliers for your salon business just got a whole lot easier.