It’s All About Your Positive Mental Attitude

January 15, 2016 Hollie Power
It’s All About Your Positive Mental Attitude thumbnail

Yup, it’s all about your positive mental attitude.

To be honest, I was never a positive mental attitude person.

I wasn’t the kid that sprung out of bed, or the teenager that always looked on the bright side.

In fact, I was quite the opposite!

I loved my bed and hated the world through my teens – and was a grumpy little you-know-what.

But, as I’ve got older, I’ve realised that seeing the positive in things makes life, well, better!

So, can a positive attitude actually make things better?

Yes, it can!

It’s the glass is half empty or hall full thing isn’t it?

The way you look at life can determine how you process your surroundings – and if you process them positively, you’ll relay a positive message to your brain – and ultimately feel good about things.

positive mental attitude

Luckily, by the time I started my first business, I’d dragged myself out of my surly sulky stage and become a more positive and upbeat person, most of the time.

Instead of looking at my diary at all the empty spaces, I was excited about the spaces that were filled.

“It works!” I thought! “It actually works!  People are booking with me and paying me real money.  I just need more of them!”

If I’d let myself get tied up in the empty spaces, I doubt I’d have pushed forward to where I was now.

When I extended my spa for the first time, I didn’t already have bookings.  I just believed I’d get it busy enough.

When I extended the second time, I didn’t have bookings.  I just believed I’d get them.

It isn’t the most savvy business plan I guess – but I worked on gut instinct and pure belief and I’m so pleased I took that leap.

But, its outside of work that sometimes my PMA takes a battering – and none more than the recent news that my step Dad-in-law needs heart surgery.

Let me tell you a bit about this guy.

He’s blimming awesome!  He has a heart of gold, he is funny, and he is a gentleman – a truly wonderful man.  I love to hear his stories of the exotic travels he made in his youth – a pioneer travelling to places that only now, we consider mainstream.

My husband told me the news and I wasn’t sure what I felt.

And the next time I saw him, I was expecting a more reserved version of himself.

But surprisingly – he was his upbeat chipper self!

He sees this surgery as a great thing, because it will make him better.  He fully expects to be fully recovered and off tenpin bowling with us less than a week after the op!

In fact, when the doctor was telling him it might take two weeks to recover, he replied. “I’m not one of those old codgers, I don’t need 2 weeks!”

And that is a great positive mental attitude at its best!

No doubt, he will sail through his op, then probably beat me at bowling too…


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