Two Things You Just Can’t Have Together

May 31, 2018 Ryan
Two Things You Just Can’t Have Together thumbnail

Ryan is back again, with another blog all the way from the sunny Caribbean…

There are certain things which go together perfectly; cheese and wine, fish and chips and Chas and Dave, for example. (Ask your parents if you’ve no idea on that last one!).

Yet certain other things simply can’t co-exist.

So upon learning there was a gym at our holiday resort, we were excited.

After all it was an expensive resort and a gym is an absolute must for us (because, you know, cocktails!).

We were wondering what state of the art technology we’d be greeted with.

It was this.

I'm not a gym snob but this is poor for a 5* resort!

Really? Really?

Underwhelmed doesn’t even come close.

We later learned that the hotel was built in 2004.  I’d guess the equipment was already in it’s teenage years by that stage!

Seriously, it was poor by any standard.

Free weights are free weights of course but the machines and cardio equipment were so old they were borderline dangerous.

But here’s the thing.

We used them anyway.

We weren’t going to go a week without exercise and it was far too hot to be out running in the Caribbean sun.

But what we noticed as we worked out each day was the number of people who came in, scoffed at the facilities and left again.

They took the easy option, which was walk away and don’t do the workout.

But now they are probably also back home wondering why they’re using a new hole on their belt too!

You see, you can have excuses or you can have results.

But you can’t have both.

Either you really want the result and you’ll stop at nothing until you get it (and then enjoy the rewards this brings) or you don’t want it bad enough and you’ll give up.

Maybe at the first hurdle, maybe at the tenth.

It really doesn’t matter.

Make your decision on the result you want and start to practice not giving up.

It’s a habit just like anything else you repeatedly do.

And never giving up is a useful one to get good at.


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