The Results Of Broadcasting A Facebook Live Video Every Day For Seven Days

facebook live

There has been a lot of news about Facebook recently.

Moreover, about the ever-dropping organic reach of business pages.

You might even have grumbled about it yourself.

Over on our Facebook page I decided to conduct an experiment.

What would happen to our results if we broadcasted a Facebook live video every day for a week?

I mean, just a short (but live) video.

Every day.

A little marketing or business growth tip or something similar.

Well, the results are in.

And they are pretty spectacular.

The Impact of a Facebook Live Every Day On Reach

So before the week long trial our page we had 4,151 followers.

Our average reach for the last ten posts we made was 5.5%.   (Which actually isn’t at all bad considering many pages get less than 1%!)

I calculated this figure by simply adding up the reach for the previous ten posts, averaging it and dividing into the total number of fans.

This means, on average, 5.5% of our fans see each post.

After our trail we had 4,431 followers (more on that in a moment).

Our average reach for the last ten posts at the end of the trial was a massive 11.4%!

Yes, the total reach across the previous ten posts has gone from 2,296 views to 5,072!

Now of course there are lots of variable which go into this, however I firmly believe that at least part of this is due to Facebook rewarding our lives with more reach on our subsequent posts.

The Impact of a Facebook Live Every Day On Followers

So, as noted above our number of followers also increased dramatically during our week of live broadcasts.

From 4,151 to 4,431.

However it should be noted that we were also running some adverts at this point, which (according to the Facebook stats, at least) attributed 212 of those.

That said, that’s still an increase of 68 likes in one week which again is not to be sniffed at.

Here is a screen grab of our page insights for the week prior to our Facebook live experiment –


And here is the same page one week later…

Look at all of that green!

The Impact of a Facebook Live Every Day On Our Other Insights

As you can see from the screenshots above, the impact was nothing short of immensely positive!

Now I am going to ignore the metrics reported here on likes, reach and followers as some of the increase was due to running adverts about something completely different.

But let’s look at some of the other statistics which were all organic…

  • Actions on page up 225% (this included people clicking to our website and also downloading our free guide)
  • Page views up 550% 
  • Video views up 1,334% to a whopping 5,692!

Now I’m not going to claim that my results are necessarily typical – or indeed that they’ve been reported in the best way possible – but they certainly prove to me that Facebook lives are worth doing!

So much so that we are going to continue doing them on our page!

In my assessment, I believe that when you consistently broadcast live video on Facebook you are rewarded in several ways –

  • Your live videos are given priority in the news feed and thus seen by more people (both followers and non-followers alike)
  • Subsequent posts are also given a boost and shown to more people than normal
  • People quickly get used to your broadcasts and interact with them more freely as they feel they know you better

What do you think the impact would be for your business page if you broadcast live more often?

Why not give it a try this week – we’d love to hear your results!




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