What Should I Post On Facebook? Some Tips To Overcome Creative Block

What Should I Post On Facebook

Social media is fun, sure, but it’s also an important way to communicate and engage with your target audience.

A question I’m asked all the time is “what should I post on Facebook?”

Good question.

As with all marketing you should start with the end result in mind.   That is, what are you trying to get people to do?

Do you want them to engage with you?  Click a link to visit your website?  Hear about your latest offer?

Keep this in mind, and then work backwards to see how it is best achieved.

Here are a few pointers to get you going if you’re looking for some inspiration.

Ask Questions

People want to get involved and a simple question will have people responding.   Often the shorter the question the better the response.   It could be about your marketplace or maybe even current trends.

For example; “What’s your can’t-do-without hair product?” or “Who do you want to win CBB?”

Provided you think it will be of relevance to your audience then it’s good to go.

Fill In The Blanks

These will also entice people in to answering your questions, but in a slightly different way.

Make it as compelling as possible and try to pose a question which could have lots of different answers.  You want to encourage discussion within the comments, so it’s no good if everyone says the same thing!

For example; “Hooray it’s Sunday; today I’m going to ________”

Talk About The News

Facebook likes relevance as well as recency.  If there is something going on, feel free to talk about it.

I always stick to the dinner party philosophy of avoiding talking about religion or politics, and I’d recommend you do the same!

Use Video

Facebook LOVES video.   Yup, it looks set to blow everything else out of the water in 2015 and therefore you need to get involved.   There is no excuse these days not to be able to shoot some video; client testimonials, a tour of your premises, a ‘how to’ video or even a video blog.   Because Facebook loves video so much you can expect these types of posts to be shown to more of your fans; and that’s the name of the game!

My first video on Facebook attracted a whopping 674 views – and at a time when I only had around 250 fans!

Facebook LOVES videos
Facebook LOVES videos

Use Photographs

Photographs are also great, and should be used liberally.

That can including sharing the photos of others, or indeed adding your own.   Again, Facebook like and reward photographs and your audience are also likely to comment or share, assuming the message resonates with them.

Have some fun with your Facebook wherever you can, and let your personality shine through!

This is especially true if you effectively are the business.  Remember, people buy people!

What have been your success stories on Facebook, or the posts with the most engagement?

I’d love to hear about them in the comments box below.

Come and connect with me on Facebook – http://www.Facebook.com/TheHolliePower

And if you’re still not sure why you should be on Facebook then read my blog on that subject here.

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