grtfl Are Attending Our Gold Club Members’ Summit

October 26, 2022 Hollie Power

We all know how lovely it is to tip… but who carries cash anymore?



Well fortunately, with grtfl, staff tipping just became MUCH easier

This brand has bridged the gap between the awkward ‘tipping’ options and the new way for your clients to appreciate your team, without you having to process the payments, and manage tax and distribution.

We’re thrilled to announce that they’ll be in attendance at the upcoming Gold Club Members’ Summit in Birmingham.

Here’s a few of the features included…

  • Set up your team in our web app, to ensure that 100% of the tips are sent straight to their Grtfl accounts.
  • Management has an intuitive and transparent dashboard to see real-time data.
  • Our platform allows your staff to receive their fair share of tips – giving you one less thing to worry about.
  • Decide how tips will be split, individually or by the whole team (plus, you can choose what percentage split of each tip received goes to the individual).
  • Place the Grtfl QR codes around your business, ready to be scanned.
  • Review team and multi-location performance in our easy-to-use dashboard.

And some of the lovely benefits…

  • Retain great staff by giving them visibility over their earnings and feedback.
  • Look after your people, and they’ll look after you.
  • Higher staff motivation and morale means even greater service.
  • End the stress & admin of splitting cash tips between staff.
  • Give your team the recognition they deserve – and reward their hard work.

So if you want to gift your team a simple to use system so your clients can tip them easily, have a chat to these guys.  

Your team – and your clients – will love you for it!


If you’re attending the Salonology Gold Club Members’ Summit then make sure you check out grtfl!

You can check out the grtlf website here.

Unsure as to what Gold Club is?  Find out all the details here.