E041: Real Salon Owner Stories with Owner of The Treatment Rooms Tutbury, Heather Allen #41

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Episode Show Notes

We’re in an experiential industry, and nothing is more important than the feeling you leave your clients, and for Heather Allen’s Treatment Rooms in Tutbury their experiences have a reputation for being magical.

This week’s Real Salon Owner Story is spectacular for so many reasons; Heather entered the industry without a therapy background, and in under 5 years has been nominated for a Professional Beauty award!

Discover how to build a brand that’s not reliant on you, why you should do ambitious things that scare you, and the secret to how The Treatment Rooms attracted 80 new clients a week.


This episode of The Salonology Show covers:

  • Why you should set up your brand separate from yourself
  • How Heather was able to attract over 80 new clients every week
  • Heather’s interesting entry to the industry without a therapy background
  • The Treatment Rooms’ incredible nomination at the Professional Beauty Awards


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Episode Highlights

“I walked into the High Brow Clinic where Haley was, nipped in to see her and she asked if I’d like to buy the salon? It took about a second to say yes, and that was it. There was no grand plan or anything like that, but yeah, we got it all drawn up and I took over as the owner four years ago now.” – 5:50 – Heather Allen


“Once we got over that pandemic shock, we just made the best of a fairly crappy situation. So we took to social media to show that we’ve got this beautiful building, we’ve got these new treatments, this is what the team are doing at home. We really put a lot of focus into our social media and keeping in touch with clients. We didn’t stop just because the bricks and mortar business was stopped.”-  12:10 – Heather Allen


“Everyone has to understand the role they play in the business. I’m not a therapist and I don’t pretend to be a therapist. However, what I bring is how I want that treatment delivered, because how it’s delivered in my salon will be very different to how it is anywhere else. The devil’s in the details, as I say 100 times a week, and that is why our clients come back.” – 15:20 – Heather Allen


“Everyone that comes in on a Saturday is really enjoying their time. It’s their day off, they’re coming for a treat, they’ll probably go for a coffee as well that day, or we’ve got a licence so they can have a Prosecco or a cocktail with us. It’s such a feeling, it’s such a rush to do that every single Saturday. I love that.” – 18:20 – Heather Allen


“When someone says The Treatment Rooms, they know the level of service, they know the experience, and that isn’t reliant on one therapist. It’s not reliant on the owner, it’s not reliant as much on locations either; we’ve moved three times as well. We’ve changed brands, but they still know what they’re going to receive out of it.” – 20:05 – Heather Allen


“My proudest moment has got to be being a finalist at the Professional Beauty Awards? It was not a walk in the park through any of the application and interview processes at all. But I’ve always subscribed to Professional Beauty. It’s like the Bible every month. Personally, that was in my top five last year of the things I wanted to achieve, and I think it was an especially proud moment for me.” – 23:00 – Heather Allen


“If you have a passion for this industry, if you get excited by the treatments, the environment, go for it and find your niche. You don’t have to be painting nails, there are so many opportunities in this industry. It is so fast paced and exciting, and there’s so many opportunities for you. But you’ve just got to have the passion to drive, that get up and go, and you will love it.” – 31:45 – Heather Allen



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