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Episode Show Notes

We get it – social media is a crazy place! With so many eyes to attract and algorithms to compete with, refining your posting prowess has the potential to build a MASSIVE following. Once you manage that, the rest of the customer’s journey from settee to salon will fall into place… 🌟


In this finely structured episode of The Salonology Show (if we may say so ourselves), you’ll discover the 8 steps to creating unlimited amounts of social media content via Ryan’s memorable acronym – APOSTLES.


Also in this episode, Auntie Hollie gives you some tips and tricks that will help you tackle a seemingly ever-growing to-do list, or perhaps reframe it in a way that encourages you to smash it, and Ryan’s Rant this week takes aim at those MLM-promoting, impersonal Instagram DM’s 


This episode of The Salonology Show covers:

  • Tackling an intimidating, ever-growing to-do list
  • Ryan’s easy acronym for social media content
  • Posting content to engage with your audience
  • Using social media to entertain people and solve their problems
  • Ryan’s qualms with promoting MLMs in the DMs


This episode of The Salonology Show is sponsored by Timely.

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Episode Highlights

“A few people have actually mentioned this teaspoon concept, where you just pick up a teaspoon, put it where it needs to go, and keep moving forward.” – 6:20 – Hollie Power


“Work out: if you could remove two things off your to-do list that would make it easier to manage, what would they be? Pick the things that are causing you the most stress and overwhelm, and just tackle them head on. You leave everything else, because once those two things are done, and you remove them off your list, you’re going to feel so accomplished and productive.” – 6:51 – Hollie Power


“Instead of calling it a to-do list, call it an opportunity list. Instead of thinking about the things on your list, like ‘I have to go and wash my car. I have to cut the grass’, consider that you get to clean my car, because you own a flippin car? I get to cut my grass, because you are lucky, you’ve got a detached house, and it’s got a nice big garden!” – 7:43 – Ryan Power


“We are hard wired as human beings to answer questions that we know the answer to. So ask more questions!” – 12:26 – Ryan Power


“You’re only going to attract people for a certain amount of time, they’re not going to be in your business every single day. But you can connect with them every single day, and you can connect with them by putting yourself out on a personal level.” – 16:12 – Hollie Power


“People struggle to pitch themselves as an expert, they might say ‘I’m not an expert, I’ve only been doing it three years and there’s a woman down the road who’s been doing it for 20 so how could I possibly compete?’ Remember that you’re not comparing yourself to other technicians or therapists, you’re comparing yourself to your clients, because that’s who you’re teaching things to.” – 20:45 – Hollie Power


“If I could recommend one skill to improve in 2021, which will help your business more than any other, it would be that of storytelling. Telling good stories that get your reader listening and hooked and engaged can absolutely do wonders for your business.” – 26:16 – Ryan Power


“Who has received one of those unsolicited messages from someone you’ve never heard of which says something along the lines of ‘Hi babes, I looked at your profile, I can’t believe we’ve not connected, do you want an amazing second income or life changing first income?’ You don’t know me, you’ve not even looked at my profile – if you had then you’d realise that I’m probably not for you.” – 31:05 – Ryan Power