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Episode Show Notes

Whether it’s attracting staff or winning clients, your vibe attracts your tribe so whatever you do… Don’t. Be. Boring.


Once again we’ve called upon our trusty Salonology tribe for their burning questions and need-to-knows, from combatting a concerning lull in job applications to using old-school marketing in the modern world, and why doing something different can help you with sales and staff alike!


Rounding off today’s Salonology Show we have the perfect question dissecting our business acumen and personal lives: What business superpowers do we have, and what fictional superpowers do we wish we had?

This episode of The Salonology Show covers:

  • How to attract new staff when people start job-hunting again
  • Can old school marketing make a splash in modern society?
  • Pulling away from the business for non-negotiable personal time
  • Our business superpowers, and which ‘proper’ superpowers we would pick


Don’t forget that this episode is the start of our exciting new format, and WE NEED YOUR HELP!


We’ll be answering your questions blind and unscripted, so if you want to hear our take on your biggest issues and toughest topics then send them through to!


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Episode Highlights

“Whilst you might not be able to find the perfect team member right now, it’s the perfect time to get prepared to find the perfect team member as soon as people start moving, so you’re ready for action.” – 6:50 – Hollie Power


“When you’re recruiting, it is a buying and selling opportunity, you are buying somebody or they are buying into you, and you’re selling what you do, and they’re selling what they do.” – 7:20 – Hollie Power


“We talk about how your vibe attracts your tribe. Typically, we’re talking about your clients, but the same is true for your staff. You want to be in a position where people are like ‘Oh my God, I would love to go and work there!” – 11:20 – Ryan Power


“There are lots of people who have built their businesses purely on social media, purely on Facebook and Instagram, which is a massive mistake because you don’t own the traffic. Overnight, you could lose your platform, you could have your account shut down, or Mark Zuckerberg might make you start paying for traffic overnight.” – 14:00 – Ryan Power


“It’s estimated we see 6000 marketing messages a day across all different sectors. That is a lot. But the problem with that is it means people become blind to it, so they become blind to your message and they just turn off from it almost straight away.” – 18:00 – Ryan Power


“I would sit down with your managers, and I would talk to them quite frankly about where you see yourself going, where you see them going, and in what time capacity. Make a time plan and say, ‘You’re gonna need a bit of support from me, I want to make sure you feel safe and secure in your role, and I want to make sure you feel ready, so I’m not going to totally throw you in the deep end.” – 22:40 – Ryan Power