Episode 5

E005: Make Your Salon Stand Out From The Crowd

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If your salon looks and feels like everyone else’s, why would they choose you over your competitors?

It’s time to stand out from the crowd and episode 5 of The Salonology Show is all about attracting clients through the door!

We share our tips for creating an experience people will love, whether you’re an established salon or going solo in your own home.

In this week’s edition of “Ryan’s Rants” we find out why boring people are committing marketing sins, and “Auntie Hollie” explains how you can get your loyal clients to part with more of their cash for your top tier treatments!


This episode of The Salonology Show covers:

  • How to sell big ticket treatments
  • Standing out from the crowd
  • Keeping your marketing exciting
  • Enticing tentative new clients
  • Chasing business goals


Episode highlights


“Say, for instance, you do a lot of waxing and you’re looking to go into laser treatments, laser hair removal and IPL – there is a chance that the people who are currently coming to you for waxing are going to be suitable to come to you for laser because the goal is the same.” – 7:43 – Hollie Power


“Start building the list of interested people because you’re going to get 100 people who say ‘Yes, I’m really interested’ and maybe only a few who actually come through to book the treatments. So you want to get that list as big as you possibly can and that takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight.” – 9:47 – Hollie Power


“To me there is a clear barrier to entry in offering laser, for example, because not everyone can afford or even get finance for a £60k-£70k laser machine. So straight away, that is one way that you can help yourself stand out.” – 13:47 – Ryan Power


“If everything’s identical, what is going to define where they go? It’s not price, it’s not location – they’re next to each other – the branding is all pretty much the same. What is it that’s going to pull you into one place or another? It’s going to be the way it makes you feel.” – 16:00 – Hollie Power


“If you do something that’s different, someone else is going to copy, there’s nothing surer than that. So you always have to be reinventing.” – 19:15 – Ryan Power


“The number one sin is people who do boring marketing. If you are just copying what everyone else is doing blindly without knowing whether or not it works, then that is a sin straightaway!” – 29:34 – Ryan Power


“You will never ever, ever convince a prospect to change their mind. So if someone says no to you, no typically means no, right? But what you can do is get them to make a new decision based on fresh information.” – 33:16 – Ryan Power


“If I was back at the beginning now, I would have been a little bit more particular about my business goal and probably make sure that I loved doing what I was setting the business up around.” – 37:49 – Hollie Power


Links & references


Ryan Power: https://www.instagram.com/itsryanpower/

Hollie Power: https://www.instagram.com/holliefromsalonology/

Salonology Superstars: https://www.facebook.com/groups/salonology

Get in touch: hello@salonology.uk


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