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In many ways, working with brands is much like a marriage – making sure you’re aligned with each other is the first step to a relationship where you support each other through thick and thin. In a year where that support has been vital and meeting new brands at exhibitions, how do you find the one for you?  Enter: Auntie Hollie. 


We’re here to break down exactly how brands can support salons in times of need, plus we answer a number of questions from you, the Salonology Tribe! Hear our take on the somewhat daunting prospect of going live, selling your products online, and Ryan’s #1 tip for working on your business!

This episode of The Salonology Show covers:


  • Getting support from the brands you work with
  • Choosing brands you’re aligned with
  • The benefits of speaking with smaller, more personal companies
  • Top tips on going live
  • Pros and cons of creating a website to sell your products
  • Working more efficiently on your business


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Episode Highlights


“As salon owners, we want to work with a brand that we’re interested in, that makes us feel good, that we know we can get on board with. So when that suddenly changes, and we suddenly lose that, it’s a really difficult thing to process. ” – 7:08 – Hollie Power


“When looking for brands to work with, it’s got to be somebody who’s in alignment with you as a business.” – 12:10 – Hollie Power


“Because it costs money and it takes time to invest in a brand, you need to make sure that who you jump in bed with now is going to be there for the long term. It’s a marriage. It’s not a short term fling, because you’re investing a lot of your time, energy and money into this business. ” – 13:40 – Hollie Power


“There’s 1,000,001 things that some of the great companies have been doing out there for their clients, and there’s 1,000,001 things that some of them aren’t doing for their clients. That’s really where the line is sitting, it’s actually showing up for them every day one way or another and supporting them.” – 16:24 – Hollie Power


“It’s worth sometimes speaking with some of the smaller companies because you’re going to get a more personal service, they’re going to care about you more, they’re going to care about the results that you get, and they’re going to have different goals.” – 19:47 – Ryan Power


“I have a platform where I can share ideas and inspiration to other people now, who can choose to pick it up if they wish to and use the ideas that I would have done. That’s actually even more fun to watch.” – 25:39 – Hollie Power


“The #1 way to stay focused, just by definition, is by removing the distractions. As soon as you remove all the distractions, then what else are you going to be doing?” – 27:39 – Ryan Power


“Going live on Instagram is great for business. It’s great for your reach. It’s great for your engagement. But also, it’s not the biggest and scariest thing in the world. It’s just talking to a camera and communicating with the people.” – 30:41 – Hollie Power


“If you’ve listed a product on your website, that same identical product is almost certainly listed on hundreds, possibly thousands of other websites. And some of those other websites are going to be much, much better optimized than yours.” – 31:51 – Ryan Power


“The key is that you’re going to be selling online to people who already know you. It’s going to be your existing clients, those people that know you, like you, trust you and love you. ” – 32:58 – Ryan Power