The ‘No B*tch’ Recruitment Policy In My Spa

I run a strict ‘no b*tch’ recruitment policy in my day spa.   And by strict I mean absolutely no exceptions. Yes, I said it.  No b*tches are allowed to work for me.  This has raised a few eyebrows from people – and I’m sure its shocked the odd potential team member or client – […]

My New Shiny Thing For My Salon!

I’m not going to lie and pretend I’m very cool, calm and collected.  Getting a new product line, treatment, daybed – even new paint on the wall of a treatment room in my salon – makes me incredibly excited! I’m constantly trying to improve my salon, with new extras, little quirks and cool little unique ideas […]

Why You Need Consultation Forms, And What To Do If It All Goes Wrong

Do you get EVERY client to complete a consultation form?  Do you read it?  Do your team read it? Consultation forms are legal standard operating procedure in the beauty business – and its drilled into every beauty professional just how important they are from day dot. But what if it is forgotten or overlooked? Whilst […]

How To Turn A Treatment Room From Drab To Fab

Whether it’s a revamp of an existing room or a brand new venture – in your home or on a high street – creating the right treatment environment is one of the most important things you can do for your guests. Stepping into a treatment room is a suspension of reality for your client – […]

How To Find The Best Staff For Your Salon Or Spa

In every business, in every country, staff can be a nasty nightmare or a a divine dream come true. One will send your business into a downward spiral quicker than Kim Kardashian’s first marriage, and the latter which will catapult your business to stardom like a judge role on X factor. So, how to we […]