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Salonology Diamond Club

2024 sees Salonology celebrating TEN YEARS of helping salon owners… and by way of a thank you to the industry we’re going to be giving back big time. To ensure that as many people as possible get to join in the celebrations (and boy, will the party bags be good!) we’ll be hosting it in […]

Ryan On The Beyond The Technique Podcast

Ryan Power

It’s always an honour to be asked to appear on a podcast and this week is no different. I was invited onto the Beyond The Technique podcast to discuss all things marketing for small salons. Here’s the lowdown… Pow! Today we give you the punch you’ve needed to get your salon marketing to an exciting […]

What Happens When New Competition Comes To Town

Competition.   Love it or loathe it sooner or later we all have to deal with it. Following on from an email I received from one of our private coaching clients this week I thought that maybe there were lots of others who might just be going through something similar. In the video below you’ll […]

Your Positioning And Authority

  Your positioning and authority matter a lot, even though they are something which few people give serious consideration to. Think about how the positioning of House of Fraser and Poundland differ, for example. Or how Primark position themselves differently to Zara. Your positioning matters, too. It will determine how your clients (and future potential […]

Your Goals For 2018 At The Halfway Point Of The Year

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash   Wow, July already! Where did the first half of 2018 go to? Given that half the year has now passed, it’s the perfect time to analyse how you’re doing against your goals for the year. You did set some, right? Well now is the time to either check […]

What We Can Learn From The Smoothest Sales Rep In The Caribbean

Punta Cana Beach

Ryan is back with the final instalment of his Caribbean-inspired blog series – telling the story this time of Anthony, the smoothest sales representative in the Caribbean.  Possibly.  You can catch up if you’ve missed any using the links at the bottom of the article. I’ve always been fascinated by the different sales processes which […]

The Most Important Blog Post I’ve Ever Written

This could be the most important blog post I’ve ever written. Certainly the most important in the last 6 months or so. You see this blog could change your life. Yes, I realise that’s a huge claim but let me take a moment to explain. When I talk to other beauty business owners, they almost always […]

Why I’m The Weirdo In Waterstones

Yes, I admit it. I am the weirdo that lurks around Waterstones for hours. For me, shopping isn’t only about stroking the fabric of a dress, or trying on shoes (even though I am a Jimmy Choo addict) but actually about wandering round the packed shelves of my local Waterstones – and yes, I do […]

Getting Balance In Your Business – And Maintaining Your Sanity!

Running a business can be stressful and the addition of bills, rent, staff wages and such can be a knee trembler. It can affect how we think, and we tend to throw ourselves right into the business and try and fix things, when sometimes its more productive to step away and take a look from the […]

Collaboration Is The Key

“I’ll get by with a little help from my friends,” sang The Beatles – and they made a great point! Like minded people around us can be a massive influence on our success levels – which is why I want to express the importance of collaboration. Collaboration essentially means working with others to create or produce something together […]

It’s All About The Choices You Make

Beep!  Beep!  Beep!  Goes your alarm. You’ve been having an awesome dream that involves Channing Tatum and and you’ve been dragged back to reality by the relentless buzz of your phone’s ‘wake me up’ app. You have two choices… 1. Press snooze, snuggle under the covers and think of Magic Mike 2. Get out of […]

It’s A (Marketing) Jungle Out There!

Having a business can be the most amazing and exciting career move ever – but it can also be very stressful! Not only are we company owners, proprietors or directors; we are also therapists, managers, cleaners, accountants, customer service agents and marketers. The thing with beauty and hair is they are ‘hands on’ businesses.  We […]